5 Simple Statements About اِسلامی ویڈیوز اُردو یوٹیوب چینل Explained

اس طرح سے آپکو کوئی اشتہار بھی نظر نہیں آئے گا جس سے آپکے نیٹ کی رفتار پر اثر بھی نہیں پڑے گا

Although this protest Pakistan and a number of other nations around the world blocked You Tube and many other video inbound links inside their counties 

during which time period that College was the home of paganism during the clergy eye watch & learning of latest science was referred to as becoming opposite of faith, and going to the College had brought a foul popularity for clergies by the publicity of exploiters, Martyr Mofatteh entered College.

اور تازہ ترین ویڈیوز کے لئے سبسکرائب کرنے کے بعدقریب بیل بٹن پر کلک کریں۔جزاک اللہ خیرا

Prophet (Observed) becoming a member of his two fingers reported: “The one particular who appears to be after the requires of an orphan will be with me like this [two fingers joined with each other] in Paradise.”

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 اور انسٹال کرنے کے بعد فائر فاکس موزیلا کھولیں،گوگل کروم، کومٹ برڈ یا انٹرنیٹ ایکسپلورر وغیرہ اردو موویز کا پتہ ایڈیس بار میں لکھیں

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مزید اسلامی ویڈیوز دیکھنے کے لئے ہمارا یوٹیوب چینل سبسکرائب ضرور کریں

Noor Jehan the reigned supreme about the South Asian new music scene for over 6 many years. She rose from in the vicinity of oblivion on the

اس ایپ کے اندر اولیاء اکرام کے مزارات پر کیسے حاضری دی جائے

“After a man came to Prophet (SAW) and said: “I am really hard pressed by starvation.” Prophet observed that he had nothing at all to feed him, so he (Noticed) claimed to his companions: “Who will entertain this (person) for a visitor?” One of the Ansars explained: “Ya Rasul Allah I'll.” So he took him residence and questioned his wife: “Have you acquired anything?” She answered: “Almost nothing, apart from just a little foods for the kids.

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